Ghosts in the machine.  Machines as well as places can have ghosts.  Beyond the threshold of a window pane, a garage door, a warehouse ramp, a pile of sand or a ploughed field lies a thing, something spiritual, which has been touched by human hand, with meaning and intent - with desire

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Even the deadest scene can disclose its secret poetry, its passion.  It can come alive with light and dark, with shadows and reflections, with colour. It can dance or, for a moment, it can stand completely still

Outer Space is about found-objects, usually man-made, in strange or out of place settings, as though they had been left there by some visitor... Outer Space also speaks to the external view of an object, or perhaps its refelction - its 'thingness', captured by a photograph

The mundane, the positioning of the ordinary with the extraordinary, the mix of the humdrum in the regular rhythms of city life – they compose something which can at once surprise the viewer and remind you of what you've always known – that beauty is not only possible but exists out there every second of the day, if only we could capture it.  I have tried to give you just a fragment

Every landscape is a state of mind.  And every state of mind can be transformational.  Empty spaces, and the spaces between things, can live, even for just a moment.  They can acquire a life of their own, a spirit.  Once taken out of context by the edges of the frame, they lose their functional role, but gain intent. Without function, we can interpret things freely; we can attribute to them meaning that we - and they - didn’t know they had.  I try to collect some of that meaning

Arcadia - Emotion recollected in tranquility.  I am interested in symmetry.  It is around us every minute of the day but often goes missed. The equilibrium of perspective has a persistent, magical quality.  It eases us into a new way of seeing, not imaginary but very real. It is there, calmly, side by side, insistent, waiting to be discovered